Kado The Way of Flowers

Ikebana as meditation

Kado” is Chinese that means “The Way of Flowers” and began in China over 2300 years ago.  When it was introduced and assimilated into Japan, the Japanese word “Ikebana” arose, meaning “living or natural flowers”.  Kado is a contemplative practice that studies nature as it is.

Human beings are part of nature therefore we reflect and are expressions of the same patterns in our life and death.  Hence, we simultaneously study ourselves as we are when working with natural materials in Kado.

Using classical Ikebana forms, Kado teaches us to clearly see the wisdom in nature, in ourselves and in others.

The ultimate purpose in Kado is not to make pleasant flower arrangements, but cultivate appreciation for each moment, to work with obstacles, and to develop respect for ourselves, others and all forms of life.



Kado Rigden School of Ikebana

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Photos: © V. Faustmann